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Why do we use a Workbook and how do you get started? "To teach successfully, one must plan succ

...and to Plan successfully you need clear, easy to follow instruction that is relevant (applies to your dog), tells you WHAT and HOW to do it!

Have you wanted to improve your dog's overall fitness but aren't sure how to start?

Our Workbook will simplify the planning process so you can relax and enjoy the time you spend with your dog exercising doing safe, effective things - and have FUN doing it.

This format is the perfect STEP BY STEP resource you can refer to for each stage of your dog's life (indicated by the tabs) ~ starting with our "Fit for Life PUPPY" section ~ "Pet Level" fitness for active family companions. The two sections dedicated to the unique needs for "Athletic" dogs will help you balance skill training with physical conditioning, vary intensity levels during Pre-, Post and Competition seasons to preserve function, prevent the risk of repetitive strain injuries and pro-long careers.

Inside you will find detailed lists of WHAT exercise to teach, WHEN to vary duration and intensity and HOW each exercise will benefit either an aspect of health or specific region of the body.

The DogWorks FUN-damental Exercise Workbook (available on Amazon) is everything you need to Guide you along and keep track of what your dog has been doing so you can easily vary the Plan as your dog's needs change.

Using our Exercise Suggestions to complete the Templates following the "How to..." pages in each of the four sections will have you and your dog on the path to enhanced fitness in no time!!

What do you need to get started?

A dog! Meet Sparky - he is a Spaniel cross / neutered / short legs / long body and in great overall health; he has advanced Obedience skills and his Level 2 Trick Training certificate. These advanced skills will increase the number of exercises we can do with him as he already understands the concept of learning (new things) which makes Sparky a willing and eager participant in this new game!

Next we need to plan a route - his neighborhood has many of the amenities which are perfect for turning his daily leash walks into healthy, 30+ minute Work OUTS!

Remember, leash Work Outs must be done with the dog's head up at/or slightly above chest level (no sniffing) to maintain a level topline and shift weight back onto his hind legs (for optimal Strengthening).

The first thing to let Sparky do once outside is to have a sniff and a quick "tinkle" he's ready to begin! Sparky's Exercise Planner is for a low impact Strength / moderate Endurance Day:

Warm Up: 3 x Sit/Stand (Doggie Squats) & 3 x Stand/Down (Doggie Push Ups). Now begin walking at a brisk pace down to the edge of the sidewalk.

Flexibility ~ Stepping: use a serpentine pattern to step on and off the curb for 15 body lengths (or the distance between two houses).

Return to the sidewalk: it will take Sparky 10 minutes to get to the park ~ pick up the pace to a trot for 5 minutes then return to a brisk walk for the last 5 minutes to arrive at the park for 12 minutes of moderate Endurance using hill work (slight incline), trot and run up/down, serpentine across in both directions on his way to the sand pit:

Digging for 2 minutes = Strength/Core/Mental, then a brisk walk over to the pond for a 5 minute Cool Down wading in the pond hunting for frogs before a 10 minute casual walk home at a normal pace

We just turned Sparky's leash walk into a healthy work out which will increase his heart rate / raise blood pressure, challenges muscles and improves mental health just by adding simple exercises and taking advantage of all the different terrain (hills / sand / pond)!

Optimal use of the time Sparky was already spending together with his fav' dog walker!! Congratulations Sparky - well done buddy.

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