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Who I am

Curious. I love the challenge of differentiating between two or more conditions that share similar signs or symptoms and the objective analysis/evaluation process to arrive at a solution.

Holistic. DogWorksfitness programs are designed to fit into your whole life to ensure success

I always keep an open mind about what will work best for the dog, not the issue (there are no cookie cutter solutions) 

Ambitious. My education, training and experience makes me uniquely qualified to look for alternative solutions to chronic problems. I believe in the power of being proactive, preparing for every eventuality so we increase our chances for a successful outcome.

Compassionate. Every dog I meet is another possibility for me to leave my corner of the world better.

Why I do this?

I do this for the love of and as a tribute to all the dogs who have played a part in making me who I am - it is the least that I can do. I never forget what a blessing it is to have the opportunity to heal hearts and to help people give back to the dogs who dedicate their short lives to giving of themselves without asking for anything but kindness in return.

I do this to help people put the fun back in keeping fit - for both them and their dogs!

It isn't about doing's about doing better


I can teach you how to keep your dogs FIT and HEALTHY, at all stages:


#1: FIT for LIFE PUPPIES is an approach for raising PUPPIES which will raise your awareness to growth / development / age appropriate exercise (to avoid doing too much too soon) and the importance of body awareness and skill training for puppies to grow up confident, capable and with sound bodies that will support them during activity (not be damaged by it)


#2: PET LEVEL FITNESS is easy to achieve by adding several simple exercises or activities to your daily leash walk! It isn't about doing MORE - it is about doing it BETTER! I will show you how to take advantage of your neighborhood amenities (parks / green space / curbs / hills / stairs...) so now your dog is getting a WORK OUT not just being aired out. Trick training is FUN and one of the best ways to improve your dog's overall condition and confidence for enhanced mental health. We will also show you how to change your Senior dog's exercise to help them age with vitality and enjoy a comfortable retirement


#3: ATHLETIC LEVEL FITNESS begins with choosing the right partner for your chosen activity - not all dogs are born equal. Some have advantages and weaknesses that must be taken into consideration in order to minimize the risk of injuries for sport/working dogs. Our Athletic Puppy programs help you to balance skill training & exercise conditioning to ensure puppy is not doing too much too soon (which starts a micro-injury cycle and leads to many degenerative conditions later in life typically blamed on aging).

Next we will show you how to plan the Competition and Off-Season (aka: Periodization) to optimize your dog's performance / enhance skill training & physical condition / reduce the risk of injuries for a long career and healthy retirement. Our RE-FIT for Athletic/Working dogs turns the Off-Season into Rest for Repair --> Re-Conditioning (re-balance primary and secondary muscle groups to avoid repetitive strain injuries) --> Re-Training (ramp up to Competition level)

Our program design Workbook

Is available on Amazon

Intrigued? I look forward to helping you raise each dog better than the last - surely the dogs deserve nothing less
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